Thursday, January 3, 2013

Inspirational lyrics..

Ulaginil Miga Uyaram, Manidhanin siru idhayam
Ninaivugal pala sumakkum, Nijathinil edhu nadakum

Viral neetum dhisaiyil, odaadhu nadhigal
Nadhi pogum dhisaiyil..nee odu

Unnai vaati edukkum,thunbam nooru irukum
Thadai nooru kadandhu..poraadu

I like this song very much.
Vijay Antony || Lyricist: Annamalai

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Life of Pi

Watched Life of Pi in Sathyam.Had a wonderful experiences.It was a visially stunning movie.The story would be an ordinary one if it was left with a single story.But had  a great expeience in finding which is the real story and was very thrilled in connecting the hidden dots in the story :-).A very good must watch movie!!.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Car driving

After a long time i had a thought of learning to drive a car.This thought came after seeing couple of friends when i was in after coming to India i thought i should some how learn to drive a car.With the help of my father in law i joined a driving school at pammal.Though the class was not regular,i some how managed to get a license.
When i drive i really enjoy that experience but person who is teaching/instructing me will surely loose patience.
My father in law who is  a quite person have lost patience and started to shout couple of times.But still iam in the process of learning.Hope i will be a skilled driver in future.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Values of Life

There are lots of values of life like being honest,kind… on. Am just explaining a few

Sacrificing things:
                        Sometimes when we wish something to happen or something to get but there are certain situations we sacrifice for others. May be in a situation when we compete with a dominant person, we tend to sacrifice something to avoid argument. am not telling about assertiveness or aggressiveness but in certain situations one has to sacrifice for others. The other person who has won might be in great pride. But the person who sacrificed has a good heart and maturity compared to other person. God is always there and watches our action. What you sow, you will reap. So don’t worry you have sacrificed. You will gain something bigger.


                            It’s a very good quality not every one will have that attitude. When some one says sorry, it’s good to forgive and give them another chance rather than keeping in our mind.

                       Forgive and Forget
This may be applicable based on the act others did, but we can forgive others when they did some silly things and later they feel sorry for what they did rather than taking revenge.

               We may feel others need to respect us of what we are and we may not get may be due to certain situations and other person would have done this with out any intention.
We should not be feeling ego and rather should think in others perspective. am not saying we should be with out self respect. But analyze the situation rather than coming to an assumption.

It’s really hard to live with out being getting angry, with out feeling jealous and ego. But patience is the key.

 Some qualities to practice

Ø      Don’t compare with others
Ø      Be content of what you have
Ø      When you get anger, be patience and calm down
Ø      Silence is gold
Ø      Learn to say Thank you and sorry
Ø      Don’t feel bad when you sacrifice, feel proud of your self.

These are my random thoughts .I don’t say I have or don’t have these qualities.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vadivelu's Dialogues

  1. Evlo neram than valikatha mathriye nadikirathu.
  2. Evlo adichalum thanguvan,ivan romba nallavanu sollitanga ma...
  3. But antha dealing ennaku pudichuthu..
  4. After all  30 crores loss ma
  5. you are my best friend ma
  6. cool down!! cool down !! cool down!! Be happy
  7. 4 pieces not enough what to do
  8. why blood? same blood
  9.  sing in the rein iam sooying in the rain,i want more in the rain
  10. Building strong basement weak
  11. sinnam konda singatha sirayula adicha athu cellaye sethichidum paravalya?
  12. Enna vechu comedy kemady pannalaye?
  13. Intha alaguku mela extra alagu sertha antha ammukutti ennaku thanae
  14. inga pathukonga nanum rowdy thaan
  15. appa trisha ovda valkai,trisha voda engada vaalthen?
  16. starting ellam nalla thaan iruku anna pinishing sariyilla pa
  17. enna nomam manna,krawthaka!!!!
  18. Kattathuraiku kattam sariyila
  19. Enaku kovam varathu,athan varathunu solrenla ,enn ethurpakringa
  20. athu ponna masam
  21. innuma  intha ooru nambala nambuthu,athu avanga vidhi
  22. annan, varumbothu kuchi mittaiyum kuruvi rottiyum vangitu varen
  23. oru ilanyan oru elanchai kaiya pudikilam,idhu valibha vayasu
  24. annan kilicha kodu idha thanda kudathu
  25. mallaka paduthu vittatha partha enna sugam,enna kaathotam
  26. unna maligai saaman vangituvara solrapa
  27. eppavum thodave matinga,inaiku mattum angaye vaa....
  28. aarambame villangama poguthu apram ranam ranam ha agidum,yaruku?,yaruko
  29. Boss adutha operation,adutha operation ennaku thaan.
  30. sshappa ippove kannakatuthey
  31. Ohh baby,believ me
  32. Etho karumbu machinela matna mathriye oru peeling
  33. Thangaluku theriyatha sattam illai
  34. nee entha jillavuku ponnalum vidamaten
  35. ippo aluthathu naan than
  36. neenga adichathuku appram entha adiyum thangura oru shakthi vanthuduchu da,appidi oru adida athu
  37. you stupid of the idiot of the...........nonsense

Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Snow

Today morning when i got up,i was so much excited to see the snow fall:-).
Felt as if i was in a dream world.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chitti Robot Dance Showcase

I like this dance very much,Aishwarya had danced equally gud and of course awesome music